Voting for contestants on Afghan Star is done through text messages. You send a text message to the official number of Tolo TV channel and they will tally the result of your vote depending on who you have sent the message for. So why should you even spend the money to send a text message vote anyway?

Support your favourite contestant

Sending a text message vote is the only way that you can show off your direct support to your favourite contestant. If you are a huge fan of the singing of the contestants, then you need to vote for them after each Afghan Star episode airs.

Choose the winner

Through the voting offered by Afghan Star, its viewers can directly choose the competitors whom they want to win. It is the vote of the audiences of Afghan Star, which is used to determine the actual winner of the show. So if you would like someone that you are a fan of becoming the winner and receive all of the huge prizes that are offered on Afghan Star, then you need to vote with your text messages.

Give someone a chance

If you do not want someone to go home during a particular week on Afghan Star, then you need to vote for them. The person with the lowest number of votes will always end up going home after every week. So they directly need your support if they will not get eliminated out of any episodes in Afghan Star. If you would like to give someone a chance and want to see several more singing performances from them, then you need to send a vote. With enough votes, you will be able to keep your favourite person on the show. And who knows, by next week they may also get enough votes to proceed to the next round of Afghan Star.

How can you vote?

Remember, you can vote for your favourite contestant by sending an SMS text to the official number of Tolo TV channel. You can vote as many times as you want, as long as you have got enough text credit. Text messages that are sent to the voting number for Tolo TV channel are not toll-free, so you will be charged regular rates. If you want to vote another method, then there is an online form that you can also use to submit your vote for your favoured contestant. Using that online form does not cost you a thing, though you can only vote once through that method and you will also need access to the internet as well. Those are the two main methods for voting for the winner of Afghan star. Use your vote wisely if you want the best next Afghan star to be chosen from among the many contestants, who join every year,

Viewers of the Afghan Star show need to vote for their favourite singer on each episode. After all, without the support and votes of the viewers, the contestants would not be able to vote at all. And it is through the voting support of the viewers of the Afghan Star show, that it is able to be made in the first place.