Tons of viewers can get to enjoy Afghan Star every week. But did you know that there is a way for you to support your favourite contestant! It is true; you could try and vote for your favourite contestant on Afghan Star or simply watch a new episode of this pop idol show. Here are some other ways that you can enjoy such an awesome reality TV show.

Vote through text or web!

Supporting your favourite Afghan Star towards victory is easy. All you would have to do is to vote through text message or SMS. This would allow you to vote in a concrete way for who you want to win. Each week every contestant will have a performance. And it is from that performance that they will get judged. So if you would like to see your favourite one, you have got to vote after each performance. The contestant with the most votes will go onto sing in the next episode. And if they receive the most votes in the final episode, then they will get to win the prize and title of the pop idol as well!

Watch every episode

The other major way that you can support the Afghan Star show is to tune into every episode. By watching each episode as it airs, you would ensure that more of the seasons of Afghan Star are going to be produced. There are more 11 seasons of Afghan Star that have just aired, so you will definitely need to watch more of the show’s episodes on TV if you want more of them to be produced. You could simply watch every episode as it airs on TV if you want an easy way to support the talent that you see.

Send your feedback

Sending your feedback about the show is also going to help out quite a bit too. You can send feedback to the show and whatever episode you want to give feedback on through this website. All you would have to do is to send a message containing whatever you want to say on this website’s message form. You may also give us call or send us a text message if you want to send us feedback as well. The feedback that you send about Afghan Star will be used to improve the show.

These are just some of the ways that viewers can support their favourite Afghan Star contestant. Remember, the show would not be able to exist without your help. So your help is definitely much appreciated. And it the contestants on Afghan Star would also be eternally grateful for your support as well. You should definitely see what you can do to help your favourite contestants on this awesome talent singing competition.

You would also be able to send your support to your favourite singing competitor in Afghan Star if you ever want to give them a shout out on this website. Just send us a message and we will be sure to pass it along to them. Your support to those contestants would certainly be very much appreciated.