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Are All-Natural E-juice Packets Worth the Extra Cost?

Before we launch into the perceived extra cost of e-juice packets and whether they deliver enough real value as to justify their cost, it’s always a good idea to discuss consumer value or total use value. If you buy anything, it is very tempting to conclude that just because you paid very little money for an item that you are getting a good value. It’s really tempting to think along these lines because spending money on a $5 item instead of plunking down some solid cash on a $300 item seems like such a slam dunk, right?

Well, not quite. What if you only ended up using the $5 item 10 times while you used the 300 item 30,000 times? In such a situation, your per use value is much better with the $300 item regardless of the initial sticker shock. Keep this in mind. Determining value has to go further than the sticker price of an item. Focus on how likely you are to use the item as well as its durability-which impacts the number of uses you can get out of it.

The great thing about the vaping market is that there is always space for innovation. There really is. It seems that every single quarter, new vaping juices and flavor ranges come out. It really is quite amazing because it highlights a tremendous amount of creativity and initiative out there. People are not content simply coming up with a basic range of flavors.

There is a tremendous amount of attention focused on consumer needs. A lot of this, of course, is due to competitive pressures. If you are a creator or a manufacturer of e-juice, you really cannot stand still. You can’t just rely on current market trends persisting for long, otherwise, you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage because people’s states change.

Believe it or not, people’s preferences with e-juices pretty much change like fashion, that’s why many online e-juice shops always come up with new vaping flavors. Do you remember those skinny jeans that were all the rage a long time ago? Well, they’re back. Remember the mommy jeans that were very big in the 1980’s? Well, they’re back.

But just as the tides go in and out, so do fashions. Don’t expect mommy jeans to remain hot and popular forever. They probably have a few years left of popularity at most. They will soon be replaced by another fashion trend. This is just the nature of the beast.

The same applies to e-juice. This is why a lot of manufacturers are quite wary regarding all-natural packets. A lot of them think that this is a trend. A lot of them think that this consumer preference probably will not last all that long. Well, they’re mistaken.

Keep in mind that natural e-juice is a distinct market category. It is not a trend. It is not just a flavor. While it does contain many different flavors, the designation “natural e-juice” relates to the essence of the product.

Given this reality, we can all safely assume that this product category is going to stick around for quite some time. It’s not going to disappear overnight, just like a hot or really popular e-juice flavor of the past.

You have to understand that the difference between a trendy packet flavor and the category of the packet is like comparing the need for pants with mommy jeans. Now, we all know that mommy jeans is just a style. It’s a fashion fad. It’s going to disappear with time. Not so with humanity’s need for clothing.

While it’s anybody’s guess how popular jeans will continue, you can bet that long into the future, people will still wear jeans regardless of how it’s designed. The design may change, but the need for the jeans or the preference for this type of clothing will continue to persist.

Keep this in mind when it comes to natural e-juice packets. They deliver a tremendous amount of value because you know exactly where your e-juice is coming from. There is no guesswork here. You know that it’s made from perfectly biological sources.

A lot of the times, these sources are organic in nature. This is a big deal because there are no pesticide residues. There is no chemical contamination at some level or another.

Besides all of that biochemical stuff, keep in mind that it also delivers a tremendous amount of psychological benefits. You feel like you’re not ingesting something artificial. There is value to that. The sense of relaxation that you get when you vape with such juice might be better.

There is no 800-pound gorilla in the room demanding to be noticed. You’re not stuck with a feeling that somehow, some way, you’re ingesting something that is unnatural, and this may lead to you suffering health issues sooner or later. None of that is at play. So this sense of freedom, openness and possibility is definitely worth paying extra for.

Keep this in mind because a lot of people are thinking that all-natural vape juices really don’t bring much to the table. They just focus on the issue using a very narrow lens. They think that it’s just all about biochemical compounds. They think it’s all about just proper formulation.

They completely neglect or overlook the fact that there are serious psychological benefits to be had. At the very least, you don’t feel like you’re putting a gun in your mouth and pressing the trigger because, let’s face it, that’s how ingesting cigarettes feel like at some level or another.

Now, a lot of people would try to dance around this. Many would flat out deny it, but it’s always there like an 800-pound gorilla. Not so with all-natural e-juice.

You know where it comes from, you can insist on a particular type of formulation, and there is a tremendous sense of comfort, assurance and confidence. This combination can mean the difference between vaping under stress and just truly exploring and enjoying all the benefits that vaping can and does bring to the table. It’s your choice.